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Inserts, Doublers & Liners

Inserts, Doublers and

What is an insert?
An insert is used inside of a pocket diaper. Inserts can be made of microfiber, hemp, bamboo or any combination of materials. Prefolds can also be used as inserts (although they can be bulky). A pocket diaper will not work (absorb) without an insert in the pocket.

What is a doubler?
A doubler is designed to INCREASE the absorbency of your diaper. When using a pocket diaper you would use your insert AND a doubler to make the diaper more absorbent. The insert would be placed closest to baby's bum and the doubler behind. Doublers can also be used inside All in One Pocket Diapers. When using a doubler with a fitted diaper with no pocket, the doubler would be placed between the exterior of the diaper and the diaper cover. When using a doubler with a prefold, simply lay the doubler ontop of the prefold before it is contoured and fastened to the baby. Doublers are generally made of either hemp or bamboo.

What are liners?
There are two types of liners: flushable biodegrable liners, and re-usable liners (fleece). Biodegrable, flushable liners are used to help catch poop and keep diaper changes a little bit easier and cleaner. Simply grab the ends of the liner and toss in the toliet to flush. Pee soaked liners can be composted. However, fleece liners can also do the same thing, the only difference is that they are washable and reusable. Fleece liners and raw silk hemp liners are also used as barriers to protect your diapers from diaper creams. Fleece liners are the ultimate stay dry barrier, whereas raw silk doesn't stay as try as fleece, but it is natural and has healing properities. A great alternative for those who don't like or can't tolerate fleece.

About Hemp:
All the hemp we carry on our site is organic. Infact, all hemp is organic. Hemp does not require fertilizers or pesticides to grow. Hemp fibers are very strong, durable and breathable. It is a great choice because of it's antimicrobial, antifungal and antibacterial properties. Hemp holds approx. 50% more urine that cotton fibers alone. When hemp is paired with microfiber, the two are great for naps and overnight! Hemp does require prepping before it can be used. Since hemp contains natural oils it is recommended that you wash hemp 2-4 times seperately before mixing it with your other diaper wash. If the oils transfer to fleece them will cause a buildup in the fleece. Hemp is most absorbent after 6-8 washes.

About Bamboo:
Bamboo is a wonderful resource that is easily cultivated and thrives without the use of fertilizers or pesticides. Bamboo is a wonderful material thank has been said to have antibacterial, antiallergic and has healing properties. It has a silky soft feel, is breathable and wicks moisture away. Bamboo will hold 60% more urine than cotton fibers alone. While bamboo is trimmer and holds more urine than hemp, it also takes longer for it to dry. Bamboo also requires more prepping. Bamboo should generally be washed 4-6 times before being used, and is most absorbent after 8-10 washes.

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