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Pockets and All in Ones

Pockets and All-in-One Diapers are the easiest and most convienient diapers to use on the market today. They are the the closest to disposable diapers, in that you just fasten (velcro or snaps) and go! These diapers do not require any additional covers - they are waterproof!

What is the difference between pockets and all in ones?

Each diaper has an insert that is used to absorb urine. All- one-diapers have that inserts completely sewn into the diaper, whereas a pocket diaper allows you to completely remove the insert. Most people find that being able to remove the insert allows the diaper to become cleaner, and dry quicker. On the other hand, you have to stuff pocket diapers each time whereas all- in-one's are ready to go! You will notice that ALL the all-in- one diapers I carry are actually Pocket All-in-One's. What this means is that although the soaker is sewn into the diaper, you still have the pocket opening in the back. This allows you to stuff the diaper will additional absorbency when needed, and it also gives you the option to turn the diaper completely inside out for a better wash and quicker dry!

How do One-Size diapers compare to Sized Diapers?

The truth is that sized diapers will always fit a baby better than one-size diapers. Sized diapers are always have a nicer fit and are much trimmer on a baby. Thes are diapers that will definitly last you through multiple children! One-size diaper, while convienent and more cost effective, are definitly bulky on the smallest setting and generally only last through one child. If you are using one-size diapers on a new baby from birth to approx. 2.5 years old and washing every other day for that long of a period of time, eventually the elastic will start to give and they will not have the endurance as sized diapers do.

How many diapers do you need?

Regardless of whether you choose one-size diapers, or sized diapers most people buy enough diapers to get through two days and wash on the third day. While there is no magic number I generally recommend about 18-24 diapers. Some people prefer to have more, some people prefer to have less and wash diapers every day.

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