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Prefolds and Flats

Prefolds and flats are diapers that require some type of cover to keep them waterrpoof. I usually refer to this type of diaper system as a two-piece sytem since you need to put on a diaper and a cover. While you can re-use diaper covers, you do need to put on a new prefold or flat with each diaper change.

The diaper then needs to be contoured to baby and is usually held in place with either diaper pins or a Snappi. Prefolds and flats are the most cost effective way to cloth diaper. These diapers are very also very versatile and can be used for a number of things aside from diapers - burp cloths, change pads, dust rags and even inserts inside pocket diapers!

What is a prefold?

A prefold diaper is a flat piece of material (either cotton or bamboo) that has been pre- sewn into several layers of fabric. The middle section of fabric usually has the most layers since that's where the most absorbency is needed.

What is a flat?

Flats a single ply cotton fabric that are the orignal cloth diaper our grandmother and great grand mothers used. Easy to clean and dry fast on the line, even in humid climates. Flats require a bit more work than prefolds when it comes to folding the diaper prior to putting it onto baby. However with a little bit of practice, you will be a pro!

 Organic Prefolds by Bummis 
 Organic Prefolds by Bummis 
 Snappi Fastener - Baby Size 
 Snappi Fastener - Baby Size 
 Snappi Fastener - Toddler Size 
 Snappi Fastener - Toddler Size 
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